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Experiential tourism and people-to-people dialogue

The experiential tourism theme integrates expertise on cultures of tourism, mobilities and the travel industry, and the experience economy. Research focuses on sustainability, wellbeing and inclusion.


The travel and tourism industry is the primary sector responsible for organising and marketing cultural attractions and visiting activities. Experiential tourism is critical to a successful visitor economy as it attends to desires of tourists to interact more closely with destinations as places.

This theme connects scholars working in tourism including: educational travel, sustainable tourism and environment, social inclusion and equality of access to tourism, wellbeing and the social impacts of travel, experiential qualities of tourism and the production and representation of sites, texts and dialogues of travel.

Continuing Professional Development

How visitors can engage in more genuine interactions with tourism destinations and encounters with local communities.

How cultural perceptions inform tourists’ motivations, expectations, and experience.

How tourism plays a part in conservation and social wellbeing.


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