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The Silk Road 

Innovative approaches to the movement, exchange and areas of influence along the silk road.



'The Silk Road', consisted of a number of ancient long-distance trade routes between Europe and China. It was a conduit for humans, languages, objects and diseases and is a fascinating example of international cross-boundary interaction that has mutually enriched the cultures of Eurasia and Africa for at least 2000 years. This led to the exchange of ideas that triggered new scientific and technological developments, and modified languages.

This multidisciplinary theme approaches the movement, exchange and areas of influence along the Silk Road in innovative ways, from the multidisciplinary investigations of Islamic glass and glazed pottery production in the Middle East, to investigating the Silk Road's renewed significance as a metaphor and site for cultural transmission and exchange in the context of China's rapid economic development.

Case studies


This theme includes colleagues from a range of faculties in the UoN, and in universities and government institutions ranging from China to Western Europe.



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